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Lovin’ the Llamas

Lala Scriven, HYS RYT200 Participant, chose to complete her Seva project by helping at a Llama farm that had significant storm damage after the September 2013 Floods that occurred in Fort Collins. Below are her reflections on the experience:


Reflection on Alpaca Project

By Lala Scriven RYT200 Participant

Helping clean up debris and tear down demolished fences was such a rewarding experience to be a part of. About a dozen individuals of all ages came together to lend a hand, and a muscle or two, to get the work done. Although there is plenty more work to be done in order for all of the Alpacas to be able to return home & live safely, the supportive energy that radiated through the group was amazing.


The flooding that occurred throughout CO made a tremendous impact on the home & surrounding lands for these animals. Although none of them were harmed, all but three are currently living elsewhere. This is b/c the fences aren’t strong enough to keep any predators away yet the three that remain are in good hands as they are highly protected by an amazing pair of watch dogs. On the farm, one of the owners is a textile artist and has a studio where she uses the fiber from the Alpacas into wearable art. Yet, until the animals are back on the farm & her studio is up and running again, her beautiful creations are on hold. 


The word yoga means union. Although the other individuals helping weren’t necessarily reflecting on this yoga moment, unconsciously they were practicing yoga off the mat. No ego was involved in the event as we were all present in the moment, tackling one job at a time, and working together with the same end result in mind. Yoga brings you back to yourself. It reminded me when I was a kid and would go out into the woods where my parents would cut wood for winter. I would wander around the creeks, gazing at the trees, leaves, and wildlife. Just being in the moment. Helping the Alpaca farm recreated this memory for me and it was a special experience that I will always remember.

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