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Protect Colorado Yoga! We need your voice.

Colorado Yogi's Make Your Voice Heard!

Colorado Yogi’s Make Your Voice Heard!

The Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) is attempting to impose oppressive and costly requirements on yoga teacher training schools (YTTs) in the state of Colorado. YTTs across Colorado have been contacted by DPOS requesting submission of information and payment of expensive fees. The current regulating body, a non-profit agency called the National Yoga Alliance, is advocating on the behalf of Colorado Yoga schools to the lawmakers, regulators and decision makers in this state.

We feel that the proposed DPOS regulation is not in the favor of Colorado Yoga Studios and Schools, nor is it supportive of local small businesses. In addition to the burdensome application process and unnecessary regulatory requirements, HYS opposes the DPOS involvement because yoga teacher training centers like our’s are already regulated by Yoga Alliance. Dual regulation in our opinion feels like a mis-use of energy and funds that could otherwise be appropriated toward our overall mission and community projects. The National Yoga Alliance has cited various additional reasons to oppose the DPOS requirements, and these can be found in their various press releases listed below.

One obvious immediate and long-term effect of this Regulation would include increased TTC rates. This does not fall in-line with our mission or goals to share yoga with everybody, everywhere. We wish to continue sharing our life-enhancing yoga programs in an affordable fashion, so that all people may have the opportunity to attend regardless of financial situation. Currently Holistic Yoga School is able to offer affordable TTC program prices, and our internal scholarship program provides significant discount to approximately 60% of participants who may not be able to attend the program otherwise.

Want ot help? If you oppose the regulation of YTTs:

  1. Contact the Governor.
    Write your own letter or use our sample letter
    asking Governor Hickenlooper to oppose the DPOS effort. Simply print, sign (include your address), and send to 136 State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203. Or you can pick up a pre-addressed and stamped envelope and letter at the studio the next time you come in for class!
  2. Contact your State Senator and Representative. Enter your Address here to find the names of your local legislators  and write them a letter to express your thoughts to the General Assembly. You can also utilize our sample letters for Representatives and Senators. Make sure to sign and send a copy to both your Senator and Representative. Letters to all members of the Assembly may be sent to 200 E. Colfax, Denver, CO 80203.
  3. Ask Others to Help. Encourage your friends, family, fellow yogis, and anyone else who supports the Colorado yoga community to send letters, too. Ask them to send copies to the Governor and their representatives. Simply put, please help us get as many letters out as possible.
  4. Get Loud on Social Media. Have a Facebook or Twitter account? Make sure to share and retweet Yoga Alliance’s messages opposing regulation in Colorado, and write your own too! Add the hashtag#ProtectColoradoYoga to your posts and build our community of supporters.
  5. Voice Your Concerns at the Next DPOS Meeting. The DPOS will host a public meeting on January 27th at 9:30am in Denver. Representatives from Holistic Yoga School will be attending this meeting and carpooling is available. If you would like to participate please let us know!

To view Yoga Alliance’s full press releases on the topic:December 23, 2014January 8th, 2015 & January 16th, 2015

In addition to reaching out to you to request your help with the above items, we are looking to form a committee who can help with forming a team of Yoga Political Activists. Some of the specific tasks will include but not limited to:

  • Help form a Fort Collins Yoga in Politics HUB here at HYS. The vision is to bring our voices together with the intention of loudly representing our FTC yoga community on this issue.
    • Specific tasks involved:
      • Coordinating bi-weekly or monthly community meetings at Holistic Yoga School to discuss and address the issues
      • inviting the other yoga teacher training schools and studios in our area to get involved
      • help with printing and distribution of the letter templates provided by Yoga Alliance
      • making posters and flyers
      • general sharing of information in various forms including on the street, via social media, etc.

Please let us know if you’re interested in being a part of this movement!


A Lotus Story

Om Mane Padme Hum
We are the thousand petaled lotus…
beautiful pink  lotus in the pond .
There is a pond in my backyard where Lily flowers grow. They tell a story to me every day. They emerge from the darkness, reaching toward the sunlight. You can watch the baby flower buds, so soft and fragile, making their way towards the surface of the water for weeks. And then, one day, they each will bloom! At that point it takes just 30 minutes for the flower to fully emerge, and then they radiant in all their glory. As the sun begins to set, the petals close for the night, and for the next three or four days they take this repeated journey, blooming to share their beauty, and resting in between. Then, they dive back into the water for death. Each time I see the flowers, they say to me, “my time is short, my beauty sweet… take a moment, pause your feet… let your eyes rest upon my grace, and in it’s mirror, see your own face, and know that all we have shall pass… in birth, beauty and death there is contrast. But in this moment you can know that as I leave, another will grow.”
I view our yoga, meditation and health practices in a similar way. Our physical bodies are constantly in evolution & change, sometimes blossoming, sometimes resting, and everything in between. Our minds also go through the lotus journey as we live and grow in this world, often we feel that our struggles and obstacles are like dark mucky waters. When we allow ourselves to reach up toward the sunlight, emerging through times of difficulty, often we can feel ourselves blossoming in the beautiful glory of a flower on the other side. The lotus flower teaches us to trust in the sacred processes of life, reach toward the sunlight, and allow ourselves to grow, blossom, and even fall with grace. I invite you to take this energy with you onto your yoga mat, or your meditation space, and welcome in the wisdom of nature to your practice!
Submission by
Krista Allen, Holistic Yoga Teacher

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Grand Opening Party a Success!

Our Grand Opening Party last week was a TON of fun, we had many FTC community members come by and check out our new space, enjoy free yoga classes, awesome live music, and celebration of our beautiful new location. Sending a huge Thank You to all who contributed to our move and this fun party…

Kate Hartman 
Dee Tyler from Patty Fiasco 
Ryan Garcia (DJ) 
Ben, Shanon & Branden 

Local Business Support
The Atrium Unique Venue
Shire CSA
Umami Food Truck 
Go West Tee Shirt Company 
Wild Horizons Cross Fit

Alumni & Current TTC Student Presence & Support
Kacee Ruzicka
Cory Byrd
Liz Peters
Jen Garcia
Sara Jelley
Sarah Reichart
Nicole Hylands
Lala Scriven
Kelly Allen 
Lara Austin 
Laura Wolf
Pam Sedei

To Krista’s mom, thanks always for your loving guidance and support, thanks for driving up for the Grand Opening! 

And most of all, to our amazing Fort Collins Community, thank you for supporting Holistic Yoga School and being a part of the journey! We are so blessed to call FTC our hOMe.


Grand Opening Party 8/21/14



Invite your friends! Bring the whole family!

Click here for the Facebook Event.

Pet Visits with Wesley

Elizabeth Peters, HYS RYT200 Participant, chose to complete her SEVA project by helping out as a Human Animal Bond in Colorado volunteer at the Centre Rehab in Fort Collins, CO. Below are her reflections on the experience:

Reflection on volunteering with HABIC

By Elizabeth Peters RYT200 Participant


For the past eight months Wesley has donned his special red vest as he prepares to visit the residents and staff at Centre Rehab in Fort Collins. Wesley is my 4 year old Labrador.  He and I are volunteers with HABIC (Human Animal Bond in Colorado). He has been specially trained as a therapy dog to interact with those who desire his company.

Once a week, Wesley and I spend about an hour walking the halls at the rehab facility, stopping to visit those who request our presence and sometimes even those who Wesley just believes needs his presence. During our visits we have experienced the joy of listening to stories from the residents and staff about their pets, their families and their life experiences. Sometimes these stories involve tears of sadness and sometimes these stories involve tears of happier times. The reason doesn’t matter to Wesley; he calmly allows his clients to pet him, scratch behind his ears, and hug him as they tell their story.

When I began taking classes with HABIC, my main intention was just to train Wesley – as he possessed very few manners. He knew the basics and would do just about anything for a treat, but I really wanted more from our relationship. When Wesley graduated from therapy dog school, we were placed at Centre Rehab. Our visits to the Centre have become something the residents and staff look forward to each week. Some have told us that we are the highlight of their day. I had no idea that while we were placed at Centre Rehab that I, too, would receive something very special return.

It was never my intention to get anything out of this venture but to give by bringing my dog to visit and hopefully brighten the day of those who chose to interact with him. I have been blessed and gifted, however, with the indescribable feeling of pure happiness when we visit. Wesley and I look forward to our visits each week for the special time of giving and receiving it brings.

Wesley in his red vest prepared to visit residents and staff at Centre Rehab in Fort Collins, CO.

Wesley in his red vest prepared to visit residents and staff at Centre Rehab in Fort Collins, CO.

Yoga means union. This experience is so much more than just a pet visit. It brings people together with a special buddy who is present, without judgement or expectations. Wesley is in the present moment for whatever is needed of his presence. I feel so much gratitude coming from the people we visit and from myself for being allowed to be in that moment with each of them.

Being associated with HABIC as a therapy dog team is simply a mechanism to actualize this incredible interaction, and it is my belief that these types of encounters are truly meant to be and are guided by the universe. This quote from Richard Miller helps to explain my thought: “Yoga is bringing together that which was never separate.” So true – as these encounters feel so right and meant to be.

Autumnal Yoga

Jananí Harmony shares Autumnal Yoga.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

Serenity at CSU

Recent HYS graduate Kelly Allen shares about her Teacher Training experience:

Lovin’ the Llamas

Lala Scriven, HYS RYT200 Participant, chose to complete her Seva project by helping at a Llama farm that had significant storm damage after the September 2013 Floods that occurred in Fort Collins. Below are her reflections on the experience:


Reflection on Alpaca Project

By Lala Scriven RYT200 Participant

Helping clean up debris and tear down demolished fences was such a rewarding experience to be a part of. About a dozen individuals of all ages came together to lend a hand, and a muscle or two, to get the work done. Although there is plenty more work to be done in order for all of the Alpacas to be able to return home & live safely, the supportive energy that radiated through the group was amazing.


The flooding that occurred throughout CO made a tremendous impact on the home & surrounding lands for these animals. Although none of them were harmed, all but three are currently living elsewhere. This is b/c the fences aren’t strong enough to keep any predators away yet the three that remain are in good hands as they are highly protected by an amazing pair of watch dogs. On the farm, one of the owners is a textile artist and has a studio where she uses the fiber from the Alpacas into wearable art. Yet, until the animals are back on the farm & her studio is up and running again, her beautiful creations are on hold. 


The word yoga means union. Although the other individuals helping weren’t necessarily reflecting on this yoga moment, unconsciously they were practicing yoga off the mat. No ego was involved in the event as we were all present in the moment, tackling one job at a time, and working together with the same end result in mind. Yoga brings you back to yourself. It reminded me when I was a kid and would go out into the woods where my parents would cut wood for winter. I would wander around the creeks, gazing at the trees, leaves, and wildlife. Just being in the moment. Helping the Alpaca farm recreated this memory for me and it was a special experience that I will always remember.

Grey Rock Yoga Hike April 12, 2014!

Yoga on Grey Rock

(Poudre Canyon Hike)


This is a beautiful hike in the Poudre Canyon filled with meadow, forest, and mountain top views. It is a half-day hike taking about 2-3 hours to get all the way to the top and there is some moderate intensity hiking/boulder-ing near the summit.

Yoga principles and meditation will be woven throughout the hike by our guide Kacee Ruzicka. We will also enjoy a guided meditation and yoga class at the top of the rock formation where there are some “flat” spots along a pond.


All are welcome to join in on this free event, so invite your friends and family!

Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash at all times.


Please RSVP to kacee@holisticyogaschool.com

Meet at the Center for Light & Balance at 7:30 am or meet at the trail head at 8:30 am!

No charge for this event.


Here is a website with some more details about this hike:  Grey Rock Info