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Colorado Living Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training


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200 Hour Yoga Alliance Lifestyle Immersion Teacher Trainings

Self-Paced Module Format


Fort Collins, Colorado

Through the completion of these specially-designed classes and workshops, participants gain a profound understanding of the anatomical and philosophical underpinnings of yoga.  You’ll deepen your own knowledge of the practice and of yourself, while at the same time becoming prepared to share the gifts of yoga and meditation with others. Click here for more information about class topics and the RYT200 Certificate.


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How to Register for RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Classes

We’ve designed a modular format in order to offer teacher trainings which fit well into your lifestyle and schedule. In this manner we create a living yoga immersion, weaving yoga into life, and life into yoga!

To obtain your yoga teaching certificate you will need to complete the following classes…

(click on the links for dates & registration)

4 Modules (30 hours each)

2 Retreats (16 hours each)

20 Hours Exploratory Classes (Participant’s Choice)

Seva Project or Grey Rock Yoga Hike (5 hours)

20 Hours Self-Sadhana (Independent Study)

Total = 200 Hours in accordance with Yoga Alliance Standards

Please note: you may register for electives & retreats at any time, even before your first module.


Self-Sadhana (20 hours required for YTTC)

Keep a personal log for independent exploration, practice and study. This may include anything that you do which will help to deepen your yoga interest and practice.

Some examples include: attending any yoga classes or practicing by yourself, guided or personal meditation practice, reading related literature or listening to podcasts, documentaries, etc.


Total Program Cost: $2400 – $2600

Payment options: Lump Sum $2400 (click here) or Pay-as-You-Go $2600 (monthly invoices) We also offer scholarships!

Lodging is available for retreats up to one-month immersion programs.

Holistic Yoga School Alliance Registration ID 84065

TTC Reservation & Cancellation Policy (click here)