We strive for a comprehensive teaching of yoga, meditation and healthy living.

When we come together, we grow. Like the green gardens filled with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables our lives are continually producing food for the soul. In the same way as cooking a rich healthy meal, bringing people together takes time. It is a commitment to yourself and to the people around you. Our inner work and personal growth directly impacts the strength of our neighborhoods. Community support can go a long way. As a community centered Yoga school we like to do our part in working to make a difference…

We offer programs supporting community sustainability, natural agriculture practices and sustainable living principles in Colorado, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Donation-Based classes and community events offered to the public. Emphasis on acceptance, self-expression, arts, music and dance!

Various yoga and meditation programs are focused toward new mothers, children, and individuals with cognitive or physical limitations. We support Foothills Gateway, inc. by offering yoga and meditation classes at the Women’s Group.

Local and international support to promote literacy for impoverished children through funding and community service.


At each of our Yoga Teacher Certification Programs we offer students opportunities to practice Karma Yoga, or selfless service. You can check out the projects that the participants have been working on by reading the student reflections:

Lovin’ the Llamas by Lala Scriven

Pet Visits with Wesley by Elizabeth Peters