We strive for a comprehensive teaching of yoga, meditation and healthy living.

Meet the Teachers

Our Dream Team of yoga teachers each contribute in their own unique way to Holistic Yoga School programs. Please feel free to contact us and inquire about which teachers are scheduled as facilitators for your upcoming class of interest.

Krista Allen


“There are two answers for every question: Meditate & Love.”

profile picKrista’s love and dedication for yoga and meditation, and her natural avidity in the art of helping has contributed to her ongoing work within the related fields. Her teaching style is based on guidance, readily adapting to the needs and interests of the students. She is passionate about natural health and has the unique ability to connect with her students, both on and off the mat. In guiding meditations, yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings

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Andrea Bilderback

“Curiosity is what makes life worth living. Embrace the freedom to explore, both on and off the mat.”

Andrea Bilderback is both a seeker and practitioner of holistic health and wellness, has been practicing yoga since 2002, and teaching since 2007. Her commitment and deep appreciation of the “union” that is yoga truly grew when she sustained a knee and hip injury doing long distance running in 2007 and rediscovered the importance of finding a balance in the body, as well as life, of sthira and sukha: steadiness and ease…

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Kathleen Bowman


“Yoga heals the mind, body and spirit. These are the words that inspire me.”



Trained in Iyengar yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Kathleen shares the healing power with her teaching. Being a gymnast early in life and later an acrobat, the path to yoga was a natural one. Movement and the communication between mind and body has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Combining the two with the spiritual aspect of yoga, Kathleen brings her students to heightened awareness of the universal connection with which we have all been blessed.

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Jen Garcia


“Want to be happy? Just be yourself.”


San Fran (133)Jennifer has been working as a neonatal nurse for nine years and has always had an interest in a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness. She discovered yoga when searching for relief from chronic neck pain and stress. That initial discovery sparked a yoga journey that has taken her to various yoga classes and conferences around Fort Collins and all over the country. This journey, combined with years of a regular yoga practice from which she has noticed many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, is what inspired her to become a yoga teacher. She recently completed her 200 hour RYT with Holistic Yoga School and is excited to offer others the opportunity to feel healthier and happier through yoga.


Dennis Hill


“The reason I practice meditation is to be happy for no reason.”

Dennis Hill has taught meditation and yoga philosophy (Samkhya, Advaita, Vedanta, Shaivite) for 25 years. Education in the sciences has brought a measure of empiricism to the appreciation and teaching of yoga philosophy and the discipline of meditation practice. He received extensive training by Buddhist, Sufi and Siddha masters in India and the United States. Dennis has been on teaching staff at the Village Yoga Center, I Am Yoga, Holistic Yoga School, and SchoolYoga Institute since 2002.

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Liz Peters


“Some Yoga is better than no Yoga at all.”


Liz found Yoga in 2002 while seeking a way to relieve stress. She quickly learned the many benefits associated with a regular yoga practice. Liz attended many classes where various styles of yoga were taught. She gained experience and knowledge that assisted her to discover the styles that supported her growth. Yoga helped Liz to overcome pain associated with spinal degeneration and stress related conditions to remain flexible and live an active lifestyle.

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Julia Randall


“Life is a moving meditation, a constant opportunity for stillness and rhythm.”

My background in Physics, my passion for food and nutrition, my pursuit of physical health and my propensity for the natural healing arts have given me a thoroughly holistic view of yoga and its philosophy.  Through these mediums I find myself able to help others heal and grow, through nourishment and movement of the body, exercise and control of the mind and gentle manipulation of the energetic form.

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Lala Scriven


“A rooted-being stems from an individual finding balance between mind, body, and spirit..”

lala_140115__9929-EditLala Scriven found yoga years ago when she was healing from a low back injury. She discovered that the combination of asanas, breath work and the meditative quality of yoga facilitated her recovery time.  Lala is a Physical Therapist, Certified Pilates Instructor and Yoga Instructor, and a highly skilled Bodyworker. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Holistic Yoga School International in Fort Collins as she opened another door for growth and self-development. She strives to provide quality care, whether it be via various types of bodywork, yoga, and/or pilates based sessions, to those individuals who want to enhance their overall well being, learn preventative techniques to instill a healthier happier life, and/or return individuals to a pain free living and more active life. Please visit Lala’s website to schedule a bodywork session and see where you can find her teaching yoga and pilates around town www.rooted-being.com/